CprS 157 Schedule
CprS 157 Class 2

Chapter 1 - Class 1


Reading Some Sample Programs

We will read, compile, and execute these these sample C++ programs in class to begin to get a feel for how computer programs are constructed, translated, and executed.

Programming Exercise

Create a folder on your computer to hold the classwork we will generate in this class. Download into that folder from the Acad_Classes fileserver the lecture and laboratory collections of C++ programs (two separate sets), the sample CodeWarrior programming project, and the Powerpoint slides that accompany our text. Write, compile, and run a program which writes the words "Hello, World!" to the standard output stream. Use the file-naming conventions explained in class to name your file, then drop it into the CprS 157 Drop Box on the Academic Computing file server and verify that it was deposited correctly.