CprS 157 Schedule
CprS 157 Lab Schedule

Organization of our Laboratory Sessions

Laboratory work in this course is primarily individually organized and paced, but you are encouraged to interact with other students, with the instructor, and with our three very fine teaching assistants: SP Kalita, William Duncan, and Fahd Arshad. All three of these teaching assistants have extensive backgrounds in computer science. SP Kalita and William Duncan have been helping with this course for some time now, and both have made themselves very popular with students for their effectiveness as teaching assistants. Fahd Arshad continues his association with the Instructional Technology Workshop of Sewanee's Center for Teaching, and will be joining the CprS 157 staff for the first time this semester.

The work to be accomplished during each laboratory session will be detailed on a web page such as this one. Students have generally found that the lab book is sufficiently detailed and explicit to permit a high degree of autonomy in accomplishing this work, but you are encouraged to take good advantage of the instructor and two teaching assistants during the laboratory sessions.

There are three classes of laboratory activities:

You are free to discuss any aspect of your computer science laboratory experiences with the course instructor.