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Register-Machine Simulator

Class 23 - Section 5.2


Register Machine Simulator

;; ch5-regsim.ss


;;;;Matches code in ch5.scm

;;;;This file can be loaded into Scheme as a whole.
;;;;Then you can define and simulate machines as shown in section 5.2

;;;**NB** there are two versions of make-stack below.
;;; Choose the monitored or unmonitored one by reordering them to put the
;;;  one you want last, or by commenting one of them out.
;;; Also, comment in/out the print-stack-statistics op in make-new-machine
;;; To find this stack code below, look for comments with **


;; Modifications by Chris Parrish are tagged <cp: comment>

;; rep is more friendly -- does not work yet


(define (make-machine register-names ops controller-text)
  (let ((machine (make-new-machine)))
    (for-each (lambda (register-name)
                ((machine 'allocate-register) register-name))
    ((machine 'install-operations) ops)    
    ((machine 'install-instruction-sequence)
     (assemble controller-text machine))

(define (make-register name)
  (let ((contents '*unassigned*))
    (define (dispatch message)
      (cond ((eq? message 'get) contents)
            ((eq? message 'set)
             (lambda (value) (set! contents value)))
             (error "Unknown request -- REGISTER" message))))

(define (get-contents register)
  (register 'get))

(define (set-contents! register value)
  ((register 'set) value))

;;**original (unmonitored) version from section 5.2.1
(define (make-stack)
  (let ((s '()))
    (define (push x)
      (set! s (cons x s)))
    (define (pop)
      (if (null? s)
          (error "Empty stack -- POP")
          (let ((top (car s)))
            (set! s (cdr s))
    (define (initialize)
      (set! s '())
    (define (dispatch message)
      (cond ((eq? message 'push) push)
            ((eq? message 'pop) (pop))
            ((eq? message 'initialize) (initialize))
            (else (error "Unknown request -- STACK"

(define (pop stack)
  (stack 'pop))

(define (push stack value)
  ((stack 'push) value))

;;**monitored version from section 5.2.4
(define (make-stack)
  (let ((s '())
        (number-pushes 0)
        (max-depth 0)
        (current-depth 0))
    (define (push x)
      (set! s (cons x s))
      (set! number-pushes (+ 1 number-pushes))
      (set! current-depth (+ 1 current-depth))
      (set! max-depth (max current-depth max-depth)))
    (define (pop)
      (if (null? s)
          (error "Empty stack -- POP")
          (let ((top (car s)))
            (set! s (cdr s))
            (set! current-depth (- current-depth 1))
    (define (initialize)
      (set! s '())
      (set! number-pushes 0)
      (set! max-depth 0)
      (set! current-depth 0)
    (define (print-statistics)
      (display (list 'total-pushes  '= number-pushes
                     'maximum-depth '= max-depth)))
    (define (dispatch message)
      (cond ((eq? message 'push) push)
            ((eq? message 'pop) (pop))
            ((eq? message 'initialize) (initialize))
            ((eq? message 'print-statistics)
             (error "Unknown request -- STACK" message))))

(define (make-new-machine)
  (let ((pc (make-register 'pc))
        (flag (make-register 'flag))
        (stack (make-stack))
        (the-instruction-sequence '()))
    (let ((the-ops
           (list (list 'initialize-stack
                       (lambda () (stack 'initialize)))
                 ;;**next for monitored stack (as in section 5.2.4)
                 ;;  -- comment out if not wanted
                 (list 'print-stack-statistics
                       (lambda () (stack 'print-statistics)))))
           (list (list 'pc pc) (list 'flag flag))))
      (define (allocate-register name)
        (if (assoc name register-table)
            (error "Multiply defined register: " name)
            (set! register-table
                  (cons (list name (make-register name))
      (define (lookup-register name)
        (let ((val (assoc name register-table)))
          (if val
              (cadr val)
              (error "Unknown register:" name))))
      (define (execute)
        (let ((insts (get-contents pc)))
          (if (null? insts)
                ((instruction-execution-proc (car insts)))
      (define (dispatch message)
        (cond ; ((eq? message 'bye) 'chao)      ;; <cp: be friendly>
              ((eq? message 'start)
               (set-contents! pc the-instruction-sequence)
              ((eq? message 'install-instruction-sequence)
               (lambda (seq) (set! the-instruction-sequence seq)))
              ((eq? message 'allocate-register) allocate-register)
              ((eq? message 'get-register) lookup-register)
              ((eq? message 'install-operations)
               (lambda (ops) (set! the-ops (append the-ops ops))))
              ((eq? message 'stack) stack)
              ((eq? message 'operations) the-ops)
              (else (error "Unknown request -- MACHINE" message))))

(define (start machine)
  (machine 'start))

(define (get-register-contents machine register-name)
  (get-contents (get-register machine register-name)))

(define (set-register-contents! machine register-name value)
  (set-contents! (get-register machine register-name) value)

(define (get-register machine reg-name)
  ((machine 'get-register) reg-name))

(define (assemble controller-text machine)
  (extract-labels controller-text
    (lambda (insts labels)
      (update-insts! insts labels machine)

(define (extract-labels text receive)
  (if (null? text)
      (receive '() '())
      (extract-labels (cdr text)
       (lambda (insts labels)
         (let ((next-inst (car text)))
           (if (symbol? next-inst)
               (receive insts
                        (cons (make-label-entry next-inst
               (receive (cons (make-instruction next-inst)

(define (update-insts! insts labels machine)
  (let ((pc (get-register machine 'pc))
        (flag (get-register machine 'flag))
        (stack (machine 'stack))
        (ops (machine 'operations)))
     (lambda (inst)
         (instruction-text inst) labels machine
         pc flag stack ops)))

(define (make-instruction text)
  (cons text '()))

(define (instruction-text inst)
  (car inst))

(define (instruction-execution-proc inst)
  (cdr inst))

(define (set-instruction-execution-proc! inst proc)
  (set-cdr! inst proc))

(define (make-label-entry label-name insts)
  (cons label-name insts))

(define (lookup-label labels label-name)
  (let ((val (assoc label-name labels)))
    (if val
        (cdr val)
        (error "Undefined label -- ASSEMBLE" label-name))))

(define (make-execution-procedure inst labels machine
                                  pc flag stack ops)
  (cond ((eq? (car inst) 'assign)
         (make-assign inst machine labels ops pc))
        ((eq? (car inst) 'test)
         (make-test inst machine labels ops flag pc))
        ((eq? (car inst) 'branch)
         (make-branch inst machine labels flag pc))
        ((eq? (car inst) 'goto)
         (make-goto inst machine labels pc))
        ((eq? (car inst) 'save)
         (make-save inst machine stack pc))
        ((eq? (car inst) 'restore)
         (make-restore inst machine stack pc))
        ((eq? (car inst) 'perform)
         (make-perform inst machine labels ops pc))
        (else (error "Unknown instruction type -- ASSEMBLE"

(define (make-assign inst machine labels operations pc)
  (let ((target
         (get-register machine (assign-reg-name inst)))
        (value-exp (assign-value-exp inst)))
    (let ((value-proc
           (if (operation-exp? value-exp)
                value-exp machine labels operations)
                (car value-exp) machine labels))))
      (lambda ()                ; execution procedure for assign
        (set-contents! target (value-proc))
        (advance-pc pc)))))

(define (assign-reg-name assign-instruction)
  (cadr assign-instruction))

(define (assign-value-exp assign-instruction)
  (cddr assign-instruction))

(define (advance-pc pc)
  (set-contents! pc (cdr (get-contents pc))))

(define (make-test inst machine labels operations flag pc)
  (let ((condition (test-condition inst)))
    (if (operation-exp? condition)
        (let ((condition-proc
                condition machine labels operations)))
          (lambda ()
            (set-contents! flag (condition-proc))
            (advance-pc pc)))
        (error "Bad TEST instruction -- ASSEMBLE" inst))))

(define (test-condition test-instruction)
  (cdr test-instruction))

(define (make-branch inst machine labels flag pc)
  (let ((dest (branch-dest inst)))
    (if (label-exp? dest)
        (let ((insts
               (lookup-label labels (label-exp-label dest))))
          (lambda ()
            (if (get-contents flag)
                (set-contents! pc insts)
                (advance-pc pc))))
        (error "Bad BRANCH instruction -- ASSEMBLE" inst))))

(define (branch-dest branch-instruction)
  (cadr branch-instruction))

(define (make-goto inst machine labels pc)
  (let ((dest (goto-dest inst)))
    (cond ((label-exp? dest)
           (let ((insts
                  (lookup-label labels
                                (label-exp-label dest))))
             (lambda () (set-contents! pc insts))))
          ((register-exp? dest)
           (let ((reg
                  (get-register machine
                                (register-exp-reg dest))))
             (lambda ()
               (set-contents! pc (get-contents reg)))))
          (else (error "Bad GOTO instruction -- ASSEMBLE"

(define (goto-dest goto-instruction)
  (cadr goto-instruction))

(define (make-save inst machine stack pc)
  (let ((reg (get-register machine
                           (stack-inst-reg-name inst))))
    (lambda ()
      (push stack (get-contents reg))
      (advance-pc pc))))

(define (make-restore inst machine stack pc)
  (let ((reg (get-register machine
                           (stack-inst-reg-name inst))))
    (lambda ()
      (set-contents! reg (pop stack))    
      (advance-pc pc))))

(define (stack-inst-reg-name stack-instruction)
  (cadr stack-instruction))

(define (make-perform inst machine labels operations pc)
  (let ((action (perform-action inst)))
    (if (operation-exp? action)
        (let ((action-proc
                action machine labels operations)))
          (lambda ()
            (advance-pc pc)))
        (error "Bad PERFORM instruction -- ASSEMBLE" inst))))

(define (perform-action inst) (cdr inst))

(define (make-primitive-exp exp machine labels)
  (cond ((constant-exp? exp)
         (let ((c (constant-exp-value exp)))
           (lambda () c)))
        ((label-exp? exp)
         (let ((insts
                (lookup-label labels
                              (label-exp-label exp))))
           (lambda () insts)))
        ((register-exp? exp)
         (let ((r (get-register machine
                                (register-exp-reg exp))))
           (lambda () (get-contents r))))
         (error "Unknown expression type -- ASSEMBLE" exp))))

(define (register-exp? exp) (tagged-list? exp 'reg))

(define (register-exp-reg exp) (cadr exp))

(define (constant-exp? exp) (tagged-list? exp 'const))

(define (constant-exp-value exp) (cadr exp))

(define (label-exp? exp) (tagged-list? exp 'label))

(define (label-exp-label exp) (cadr exp))

(define (make-operation-exp exp machine labels operations)
  (let ((op (lookup-prim (operation-exp-op exp) operations))
         (map (lambda (e)
                (make-primitive-exp e machine labels))
              (operation-exp-operands exp))))
    (lambda ()
      (apply op (map (lambda (p) (p)) aprocs)))))

(define (operation-exp? exp)
  (and (pair? exp) (tagged-list? (car exp) 'op)))
(define (operation-exp-op operation-exp)
  (cadr (car operation-exp)))
(define (operation-exp-operands operation-exp)
  (cdr operation-exp))

(define (lookup-prim symbol operations)
  (let ((val (assoc symbol operations)))
    (if val
        (cadr val)
        (error "Unknown operation -- ASSEMBLE" symbol))))

;; from 4.1
(define (tagged-list? exp tag)
  (if (pair? exp)
      (eq? (car exp) tag)


Register Machines

;; machines.transcript

;; gcd-machine, gcd-with-subroutine-machine, fact-machine, fib-machine

;; =============================

;; load register machine simulator

(load "ch5-regsim.ss")

;; =============================

;;; SECTION 5.2
;;; SICP source code
;;; **SEE ALSO** ch5-regsim.scm (loadable/runnable simulator)

;; gcd-machine
;; SICP section 5.1.1, page 497

(define gcd-machine
   '(a b t)
   (list (list 'rem remainder) (list '= =))
       (test (op =) (reg b) (const 0))
       (branch (label gcd-done))
       (assign t (op rem) (reg a) (reg b))
       (assign a (reg b))
       (assign b (reg t))
       (goto (label test-b))

(set-register-contents! gcd-machine 'a 206)

(set-register-contents! gcd-machine 'b 40)

(start gcd-machine)

(get-register-contents gcd-machine 'a)

;; =============================

;; gcd-with-subroutine-machine
;; SICP section 5.1.2, fig 5.6, page 502

(define gcd-with-subroutine-machine
    '(a b t)
    (list (list '- -) (list '< <) (list '= =))
       (test (op =) (reg b) (const 0))
       (branch (label gcd-done))
       (assign t (reg a))
       (test (op <) (reg t) (reg b))
       (branch (label rem-done))
       (assign t (op -) (reg t) (reg b))
       (goto (label rem-loop))
       (assign a (reg b))
       (assign b (reg t))
       (goto (label test-b))

(set-register-contents! gcd-with-subroutine-machine 'a 206)

(set-register-contents! gcd-with-subroutine-machine 'b 40)

(start gcd-with-subroutine-machine)

(get-register-contents gcd-with-subroutine-machine 'a)

;; =============================

;; fact-machine
;; SICP section 5.1.4, fig 5.11, page 511

(define fact-machine
    '(n val continue)
    (list (list '* *) (list '- -) (list '= =))
       (assign continue (label fact-done))     ; set up final return address
       (test (op =) (reg n) (const 1))
       (branch (label base-case))
       ;; Set up for the recursive call by saving n and continue.
       ;; Set up continue so that the computation will continue
       ;; at after-fact when the subroutine returns.
       (save continue)
       (save n)
       (assign n (op -) (reg n) (const 1))
       (assign continue (label after-fact))
       (goto (label fact-loop))
       (restore n)
       (restore continue)
       (assign val (op *) (reg n) (reg val))   ; val now contains n(n-1)!
       (goto (reg continue))                   ; return to caller
       (assign val (const 1))                  ; base case: 1!=1
       (goto (reg continue))                   ; return to caller

(set-register-contents! fact-machine 'n 5)

(start fact-machine)

(get-register-contents fact-machine 'val)

;; =============================

;; fib-machine
;; SICP section 5.1.4, fig 5.12, page 512

(define fib-machine
    '(n val continue)
    (list (list '+ +) (list '- -) (list '< <))
       (assign continue (label fib-done))
       (test (op <) (reg n) (const 2))
       (branch (label immediate-answer))
       ;; set up to compute Fib(n-1)
       (save continue)
       (assign continue (label afterfib-n-1))
       (save n)                           ; save old value of n
       (assign n (op -) (reg n) (const 1)); clobber n to n-1
       (goto (label fib-loop))            ; perform recursive call
      afterfib-n-1                         ; upon return, val contains Fib(n-1)
       (restore n)
       (restore continue)
       ;; set up to compute Fib(n-2)
       (assign n (op -) (reg n) (const 2))
       (save continue)
       (assign continue (label afterfib-n-2))
       (save val)                         ; save Fib(n-1)
       (goto (label fib-loop))
      afterfib-n-2                         ; upon return, val contains Fib(n-2)
       (assign n (reg val))               ; n now contains Fib(n-2)
       (restore val)                      ; val now contains Fib(n-1)
       (restore continue)
       (assign val                        ; Fib(n-1)+Fib(n-2)
               (op +) (reg val) (reg n)) 
       (goto (reg continue))              ; return to caller, answer is in val
       (assign val (reg n))               ; base case: Fib(n)=n
       (goto (reg continue))

(set-register-contents! fib-machine 'n 7)

(start fib-machine)

(get-register-contents fib-machine 'val)

SICP Source Code

Programming Exercises

In class today we will continue our work on the following exercises from chapter 5: 4, 6, 7, 15, 16, 21, 23, 26, 27, 28, 48.