Linux Project

Configuring RH 7.2 and Installing Ximian Gnome
Thursday, 17 Jan 2002

Today's Linux project is to configure the systems we installed on Tuesday. Various configuration files will have to be modified so that each of the following services works normally. For help with these tasks, see these configuration notes.

Ximian Gnome is a premier desktop computing environment and the Ximian Red Carpet software updating system is a marvelous way to keep all of your computer's software up to date. This morning we will begin to install Ximian Gnome on our machines using the Duke University mirror site. Over the course of the next few days, teams should organize themselves to subscribe to the following Red Carpet channels and download all of the relevant software, preferably during the evening hours and in relatively small batches. The entire process might take six or eight hours for a single machine.