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Java, enscript, a2ps, gv
Thursday, 28 Feb 2002

Java is a premier web-centric, object-oriented programming language available from Sun Microsystems. Many schools, including Sewanee, are changing over to Java for their first courses in computer programming and the Advanced Placement Exam in Computer Science will soon be based on Java. Moreover, enhancing the functionality of one's machine by downloading and installing software is an important component of system administration. Downloading and installing Java will give you a feel for some of the patterns that are important in this endeavour at the same time that it gives you access to a premier programming language. Enscript and a2ps do a much nicer job of printing computer code than most other alternatives, so this is a good time to become familiar with them. Enscript is available through the Red Hat 7.2 channel of the Ximian Red Carpet service, and a2ps is now included in the standard Red Hat 7.2 distribution. Amazingly enough, gv (GhostView), one of the finest Unix applications, is missing from the Red Hat 7.2 distribution. It is, however, available for download from the Red Hat 7.2 channel of Ximian Red Carpet under Productivity Applications. Don't spend another day without it.

Java Follow these instructions to download Java from Sun Microsystems and install it on your computer. You will have to register but the download is free. Note that the package name and relevant path names include jdk1.3.1_02, NOT jdk1.3.1_01. You can force your shell to read a newly modified .bash_profile with the command

source .bash_profile

Test your installation by compiling and running the "Welcome to Java!" program.

Enscript and a2ps Follow these instructions to download and install enscript. Enscript is not included in the standard distribution of Red Hat 7.2, but it is available in the Red Hat 7.2 channel of Ximian Red Carpet. Go to the Install page for Red Hat Linux 7.2 and look under Productivity Applications. Test enscript and a2ps by printing the "Welcome to Java!" program you used in the above exercise.

gv Note that that the Red Hat 7.2 distribution seems to be missing the gv (GhostView) that we all know and love. There is a ggv present, so maybe someone thought that that would be good enough. For those who insist on the real thing, gv is available for downloading from the Red Hat 7.2 channel of Ximian Red Carpet under Productivity Applications. It is highly recommended.