Linux Notes

Chris Parrish, University of the South

getting started -- start using GNU Linux for computer science coursework

online resources -- CS bibliographies, search engines, dictionaries

sysadmin -- maintaining your own Linux system?

a2ps -- a utility for printing code files

g++ -- the GNU C++ compiler

glimpse -- a marvelous indexing facility

Java -- an object-oriented, network-oriented programming language

kdevelop -- an integrated C++ development environment

Macaulay2 -- a computer algebra system for algebraic geometry

mozilla -- a web browser with an email system that is easy to set up

perl -- a convenient and useful interpreted programming language

Petite Chez Scheme -- for Scheme programming

Singular -- a computer algebra system for polynomial calculations

sml -- an implementation of the strongly-typed functional programming language ML

TeX and LaTeX -- high quality typesetting systems especially useful for mathematical documents

version numbers -- version numbers of installed software

xv -- an image viewer for X