Using Mozilla for Email

Launch Mozilla by clicking on the red star on the Ximian Gnome desktop, or by typing

mozilla &

at a command prompt. Launch Mozilla's email interface by clicking on the "Mail and Newsgroups" icon in the southwest corner of the Mozilla window (letter icon) or from Mozilla's main menu via the Tasks:Mail and Newsgroups menu. If this is the first time that you have used Mozilla for email, an email wizard will take you through the easy setup procedure. The headings below indicate each of the screens you will see when stepping through this wizard.

Now verify your data and click Finish. When Mozilla makes contact with the Sewanee email system, you will be prompted to enter your Sewanee email password. If you also click the "Save this password" box, you will not have to reenter it on subsequent invocations, but there is a security issue here so read the little discussion and decide what you prefer to do.

Now test your configuration by sending a message. Click on New Message. Click on Addressbook. Click on New (for a new address book entry). Enter the data for yourself or a friend. Click OK. To address your message, select the proper address line (it then turns blue), click the To: button, and click OK. Enter the subject line and the body of your message. Click Send.

There are many more configuration options under Mozilla's Edit:Preferences menu.