Petite Chez Scheme


Petite Chez Scheme is a beautiful implementation of the Scheme programming language. To try it, type


at a command line prompt. You will see an official banner and a scheme prompt. At the scheme prompt type

(car '(petite chez scheme))

and the system will answer back petite since in scheme the car of a list is the first element in the list. Now type

(cdr '(petite chez scheme))

and you will see the answer (chez scheme) since the cdr of a list is the entire list minus its first element. Type


to exit the scheme programming environment. One normally does scheme programming from inside emacs. For a short tutorial on how to get this going, see the web page for the first class in our course CprS 376 Programming Languages.

software names and current versions


There is extensive help available for Petite Chez Scheme from two fine books written by Kent Dybvig, the author of Chez Scheme.

Dybvig's two books are also automatically installed on your home computer when Petite Chez Scheme is installed. To read them, point your web browser to the following two index files:


Go to the Chez Scheme home page. You may want both Petite Chez Scheme and the Scheme Widget Library, though most of our classwork has simply used Petite Chez Scheme within an emacs programming environment.

installation instructions (as root)

	rpm -i PetiteChezScheme-6.0a-1.i386.rpm
	rpm -i SWL-0.9u--1.i386.rpm

user level configuration

It is well worthwhile to learn to use emacs for your scheme programming. There is a simple three-step process to go through (download two files, and modify one of them) in order to facilitate cooperation between emacs and Chez Scheme. See these directions for details.