xv is an image viewer for X. To use xv, just type

xv &

at a command prompt. You will see a blue xv window with pink fish in it. Right click in the window to get the xv controls window. Click "Load" to get a loading dialog box. Click on one file or load all of the image files in a directory with the "Load All" button, or navigate around your file system to find image files to load. Double click on the name of a loaded image to view the image.


Download xv from redhat.com, or any redhat mirror, including this site.


Install xv with

rpm -i xv-3.10a-13+flmask.i386.rpm


The xv manual is in /usr/doc/xv-3.10a/xvdocs.ps. Use ghostview to peruse this rather extensive manual:

gv /usr/doc/xv-3.10a/xvdocs.ps &


xv is an image-viewing utility.

gimp is a full-featured image manipulation program that comes pre-installed on Red Hat Linux.