Mathematics 212

Differential Equations

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Ordinary differential equations, with applications. Methods of numerical approximation, power series, and Laplace transforms. Existence and uniqueness of solutions. Prerequisite: Mathematics 207.

Objectives of the course


Elementary Differential Equations, Tenth Edition,
by William E. Boyce and Richard C. DiPrima,
Wiley, ISBN 978-0-470-45832-7, 2013 (Required)

Schedule for Spring 2015

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Course Notes and Related Materials

Online Resources

Mathematica Notes

The Mathematica programming environment offers an exceptionally well-organized help facility under Mathematica's Help menu. We frequently access some of this information by selecting the name of a Mathematica function or procedure in one of our scripts, and then selecting "Help/Find Selected Function." The Wolfram site contains a world of tutorials and deomostrations, such as this Hands-on Start to Mathematica and a number of demonstration projects in differential equations made with their Mathematica software. Our site license permits Sewanee students to install Mathematica on their personal machines. To request permission to do that, go to this page from a machine in one of Sewanee's computer labs and fill out the request form. When your request is authorized, you will receive an email with further instructions on obtaining your student copy of Mathematica, including a download address and authorization code.


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Tuesday, Thursday, 11:00 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.
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Final Exam

Saturday, May 2, 9-11 am
Woods Laboratories 134

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Sewanee's tradition of cordial and constructive student-faculty relationships is one of its great strengths, and I am very happy to support that tradition. If you would like to talk with me, please make an appointment, either when you see me in class or in the hallways or in my office (WL120), or by email (, or by voice mail message (x1333).

Homework Day!

Homework is due on Thursdays!


Honor Code

The Honor Code applies to all examinations and written work produced in this course. Plagiarism is copying or imitating the language and thoughts of others, whatever the medium (written papers or computer programs). All work on the examinations must be done individually.


Attendance is required and is an important factor in doing well in the class. All assignments must be completed, and the student is responsible for making up any work missed due to absence. Late work will be accepted ONLY if appropriate arrangements have been made with the instructor PRIOR to the due date. The Dean's Office may be notified after two absences.