Mathematics 313

Algebraic Number Theory

Catalog Description

An algebraic study of the standard number-theoretic functions, congruences, primes, and quadratic residues, with applications to problems involving representations of integers as the sums of two squares and Pythagorean triples. Prerequisite: Mathematics 215.

Course Notes

This course, and its accompanying notes, were developed by (now retired) Professor James T. Cross over the course of many years at the University of the South. The course has been consistently popular and it continues to be offered by friends of Prof. Cross, most recently by Profs. Drinen and Priestley. The notes were typeset in LaTeX in 2009 by Ye Katerina Totskaya, Van Nguyen, and Chris Parrish, with editorial contributions from Profs. Drinen and Priestley, and were subsequently published in the Journal of Inquiry-Based Mathematics. They are made available by the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science as a tribute to Jim Cross's commitment to mathematics education.