Mathematics 321

Probability and Statistics I

Readings in Statistics

Applications : Statistics in a Larger Context

Peck, et al., "Statistics, A Guide to the Unknown", 4th Edition

Rosner, "Fundamentals of Biostatistics", 7th Edition

History of Statistics

Salsburg, "The Lady Tasting Tea, How Statistics Revolutionized Science in the Twentieth Century"

Stigler, "Statistics on the Table, The History of Statistical Concepts and Methods"

Stigler, "The History of Statistics, The Measurement of Uncertainty before 1900"

Mathematical Statistics : Intermediate

Larsen and Marx, "An Introduction to Mathematical Statistics and Its Applications", 5rd Edition

DeGroot and Schervish, "Probability and Statistics", 4th Edition

Mathematical Statistics : Intermediate / Advanced

Rice, "Mathematical Statistics and Data Analysis", 3rd Edition

Casella and Berger, "Statistical Inference"

Mathematical Statistics : Advanced

Wasserman, "All of Statistics : A Concise Course in Statistical Inference"

Wasserman, "All of Nonparametric Statistics"

Statistical Programming in R

Chihara and Hesterberg, "Mathematical Statistics with Resampling and R"