Statistics 204

Elementary Statistics


Statistics, Fourth Edition,
by David Freedman, Robert Pisani, Roger Purves,
Norton, 2007
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David Freedman (1938–2008)
Robert Pisani and Roger Purves
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Part I. Design of Experiments

1. Controlled Experiments

2. Observational Studies
Part II. Descriptive Statistics

3. The Histogram
4. The Average and the Standard Deviation
5. The Normal Approximation for Data
6. Measurement Error
7. Plotting Points and Lines
Part III. Correlation and Regression

8. Correlation
9. More about Correlation
10. Regression
11. The R.M.S. Error for Regression
12. The Regression Line
Part IV. Probability

13. What Are the Chances?
14. More about Chance
15. The Binomial Formula
Part V. Chance Variability
16. The Law of Averages
17. The Expected Value and Standard Error
18. The Normal Approximation for Probability Histograms
Part VI. Sampling
19. Sample Surveys
20. Chance Errors in Sampling
21. The Accuracy of Percentages 22. Measuring Employment and Unemployment
23. The Accuracy of Averages
Part VII. Chance Models

24. A Model for Measurement Error
25. Chance Models in Genetics
Part VIII. Tests of Significance

26. Tests of Significance
27. More Tests for Averages
28. The Chi-Square Test
29. A Closer Look at Tests of Significance