Statistics 204

Elementary Statistics

Course Description

An introduction to data analysis and statistics, including exploratory data analysis, inference for numerical and categorical variables, and regression.


Statistics: Unlocking the Power of Data, Second Edition,
by Robin Lock, et al.,
Wiley, 2017
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"Almost all topics in twenty-first century statistics are now computer dependent ..."

Bradley Efron and Trevor Hastie, 2016, Computer Age Statistical Inference, Algorithms, Evidence, and Data Science


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History of Statistics

Modern Statistics

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Unit A. Data

1. Collecting Data

1.1. The Structure of Data

1.2. Sampling from a Population

1.3. Experiments and Observational Studies

2. Describing Data

2.1. Categorical Variables

2.2. One Quantitative Variable: Shape and Center

2.3. One Quantitative Variable: Measures of Spread

2.4. Boxplots and Quantitative/Categorical Relationships

2.5. Two Quantitative Variables: Scatterplot and Correlation

2.6. Two Quantitative Variables: Linear Regression

2.7. Data Visualization and Multiple Variables

Unit B. Understanding Inference

3. Confidence Intervals

3.1. Sampling Distributions

3.2. Understanding and Interpreting Confidence Intervals

3.3. Constructing Bootstrap Confidence Intervals

3.4. Bootstrap Confidence Intervals using Percentiles

4. Hypothesis Tests

4.1. Introducing Hypothesis Tests

4.2. Measuring Evidence with P-values

4.3. Determining Statistical Significance

4.4. A Closer Look at Testing

4.5. Making Connections

Unit C. Inference with Normal and t-Distributions

5. Approximating with a Distribution

5.1. Hypothesis Tests Using Normal Distributions

5.2. Confidence Intervals Using Normal Distributions

6. Inference for Means and Proportions

6.1. Inference for a Proportion

6.1-D. Distribution of a Sample Proportion

6.1-CI. Confidence Interval for a Single Proportion

6.1-HT. Test for a Single Proportion

6.2. Inference for a Mean

6.2-D. Distribution of a Sample Mean

6.2-CI. Confidence Interval for a Single Mean

6.2-HT. Test for a Single Mean

6.3. Inference for a Difference in Proportions

6.3-D. Distribution of Differences in Proportions

6.3-CI. Confidence Interval for a Difference in Proportions

6.3-HT. Test for a Difference in Proportions

6.4. Inference for a Difference in Means

6.4-D. Distribution of Differences in Means

6.4-CI. Confidence Interval for a Difference in Means

6.4-HT. Test for a Difference in Means

6.5. Paired Difference in Means

6.5. Paired Difference in Means

Unit D. Inference for Multiple Parameters

7. Chi-Square Tests for Categorical Variables

7.1. Testing Goodness-of-Fit for a Single Categorical Variable

7.2. Testing for an Association between Two Categorical Variables

8. ANOVA to Compare Means

8.1. Analysis of Variance

8.2. Pairwise Comparisons and Inference after ANOVA

9. Inference for Regression

9.1. Inference for Slope and Correlation

9.2. ANOVA for Regression

9.3. Confidence and Prediction Intervals

10. Multiple Regression

10.1. Multiple Predictors

10.2. Checking Conditions for a Regression Model

10.3. Using Multiple Regression

P. Probability Basics

P.1. Probability Rules

P.2. Tree Diagrams and Bayes' Rule

P.3. Random Variables and Probability Functions

P.4. Binomial Probabilities

P.5. Density Curves and the Normal Distribution


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